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Since Fungai James published that article about our blog, i’ve had a few emails from Zimba-bloggers asking all kinds of questions about how to start or grow their businesses. Well, most of those questions are answered in Cash Baron Secrets.

In this book, you’ll discover the four leverage keys for getting hold of other people’s money, time, skills etc. I’ve used these four keys to orchestrate joint ventures, partnerships and marketing strategies for businesses big and small and i use them every month to save thousands of dollars. In the book you’ll find examples from my earliest days -proof that you don’t need anything special to make progress in business…even without money, a bullet proof reputation or friends in high places etc.

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For example –

  1. How I Turned Just 4 Hours Work, Into A 6 Month Passive ‘Income Saving Stream’
  2. How I Got Another Business To GLADLY Work 12 Months On My Marketing, At Their Own Risk & Expense!
  3. How I Got A Half Page Advert In The Newspaper For ‘Free’
  4. How I Got A ‘Just In Time’ Payment From Someone Who Didn’t Like, Trust Or Even Know Me.

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Max Soutter

p.s. no sign up or registration needed – just a straight download – get the book now.

P.P.S. Thanks again to Fungai James for the link love two weeks ago.

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Max Soutter is the founder of the Business Setup Group (BSG). An organisation dedicated to helping entrepreneurs startup and grow buisinesses the smart way. A top marketing, growth and business startup expert, he’s worked with more than 200 businesses in 35 different industries He’s also invested over 3000 hours of research and study into the fastest growing businesses and fastest selling products. Max Soutter is also the author of several special reports including the most recent “cash-baron secrets. Email him directly on for help with your business setup, internet strategy or your comments and questions. A few of my sites...